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Singer/Songwriter & bitten by the acting bug. 3

I don't know why but my bathing suit reminds me of fruity pebbles. :)

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1672 days ago

I don't know why but my bathing suit reminds me of fruity pebbles. :)


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EyesLikeAsia 1512 days ago

I don't know why you're pretending this isnt an attempt to get attention for your insecure self. :)

EyesLikeAsia 1512 days ago

Yall idiots; losing weight when ur overweight is a GOOD thing. but wow, very Christian Jordin -_-

Silvergold7 1608 days ago

U look great, don't get any smaller though. U are as tiny as u shld be 4 ur frame.

alliee14 1616 days ago

i love that your not anorexic skinny but your confident with you body and you inspire me so much(:

Chris_Coke 1627 days ago

You got that assmilk, I got that spoon. We OUT, BOO!

Mr_OnE_TiMe 1627 days ago

O wow.. #Speechless with all the proper thoughts

temporarydive 1627 days ago

You and I have the same body shape:). Go curves!! :))

laughbaby25 1635 days ago

HOT girl i wish i had your body

Toscana_toscana 1652 days ago

very sensual!
By Villa Toscana Centopino

YouMeAtSal 1659 days ago

sassygurl_88 and lostparker shut up! She looks amazing. She's a perfect size!! Beautiful, Jordan!<3

Miss_ViiiKaa 1662 days ago

hehe LoL <33

WatWat_NdEmGutz 1662 days ago

I can see why bc you look delicious Ms Sparks haha. jp but you are lookin good

mnsjdavis 1663 days ago

Sexy and confident. Haters only only hate because they're jealous.

JansemRodrigues 1663 days ago

Essa sim não tem medo de mostrar o que tem de melhor... Liinda
This do not afraid to show its best

ladonnaraeh 1666 days ago

So glad to see that you are comfortable in your skin no matter what it is. Do you girl!

richDrizzy 1666 days ago

thats hott, i think im in love lol

SkittlesMonste 1666 days ago

u look cute

BrotherESamson 1666 days ago

Common, never looked at a woman before. Forced to do so anyway. U're cool dude. Got a message for ya. Keep cool

mortega5 1666 days ago

looking uber sexy

GOTBOOTIE 1666 days ago

Great Photo,..., Move over Beyoncee