Zachary Levi


And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

Funny? Disturbing? Effective? A form of potty-training torture? The answer is E.) All of the above.

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1673 days ago

Funny? Disturbing? Effective? A form of potty-training torture? The answer is E.) All of the above.


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e_ezgi_uzmansel 1644 days ago

Have a look at this child please, he hasn't relaise what kind of ridicilious situation he's in:)

raphaelasantos 1673 days ago

this is so freaking crazy that i'm.. speechless...

dncatman 1673 days ago

Notice the reversible step and removeable hip spacers for larger kids? But the old bowl-haircut?

NickSzeman 1673 days ago

The majority of people obviously have no idea what this is -- and why would they? People need to relax and not be so sensitive. It was an honest mistake!

songinmyheart96 1673 days ago

I think everyone needs to chill. I for one have never seen one of these in my life and obviously neither had Zachary Levi. He didn't knnw and he's sorry. So calm the heck down.

HollyThomas61 1673 days ago

OMG!! That is so not funny,how could you not know what that is,

Mark_Lopa 1673 days ago

As a special needs father, it really saddens me to see these comments. At least Zach apologized.

Gamewarrior66 1673 days ago

....that looks kind of uncomfortable.

TheEpicChipmunk 1673 days ago

Looks like Junior here has discovered BDSM.

wil_stryder 1673 days ago

Woah, I can't believe so many people are this ignorant! I work with special needs adults, not children, but I know it's for special needs children. Shame on u, guys n' gals.

BlueZtarJonez 1673 days ago

:p xD

BlueZtarJonez 1673 days ago

lol I did not intended to mock! hehe just to correct you!

BlueZtarJonez 1673 days ago

mmmmmm I think it's a seat for children with different layers!!!!!

not funny!!!!!!

ConradPierson 1673 days ago

the best part is the semi-hidden pee-guard for boys!

krillgar 1673 days ago

That looks like something from a Stanley Kubrick children's movie!

kyakob 1673 days ago

If my kid can't poop properly one day i'll get one..

dafsl 1673 days ago

Where do you find these things? =)

Anniefuj 1673 days ago

Is anyone else disturbed by the haircut? and outfit? and maniacal grin on his/her face?

viktrola 1673 days ago

That looks absolutely terrifying!! WHY are his legs strapped in???