Team StarKid


We've made some musicals, and now some TWEETS!

Look how cool this is:

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1941 days ago

Look how cool this is:


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StinaKiwi 1937 days ago

this is BAMF! <3

MilesMarymor 1939 days ago

ayyyy thats what im talkin' bout. starkid doin' work!

reneebastlova 1939 days ago

starshipppp FTW!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

ayeka2004 1940 days ago

DUDE!!!! FTW times infinity + 1!!!!

97soulsister 1940 days ago

it's so pretty XD

nosidameyahs 1941 days ago

you guys 100% deserve this! :)

IWantMoreLife 1941 days ago

Really happy to see all of your hard work paying off! You guys outdid yourself on this one!

NatalieeStarkid 1941 days ago

In Canada it was number 2 since yesterday, but its number 3 right now. Us Canadian's are smart, eh?

ElizabethBabb 1941 days ago

By the end of the day it will at least be number three

soph2149 1941 days ago

Oh wow this is really making my day. Mumford, Glee and Starship all in the top 10! Us fans RULE.

AbbieRoseL 1941 days ago

Congrats Starkids, you totally deserve it! SUCH a good show and album!

N_u_s_h 1941 days ago

I think it's the iffy pricing that did it ;) haha congratulations you guys!!!

RosaRobinson 1941 days ago

that´s totally awesome ;)

Daybreaq 1941 days ago

I'm sure DARREN'S not sorry at all.Songs he wrote vs songs he sings. Cool either way. Imagine if it were BOTH

came2013 1941 days ago

srsly guys the props, the stage, the songs, everything was MIND BLOWING! the hard work shows! #teamstarkid

liznesh 1941 days ago

So proud of you guys!!

Yo_hanne 1941 days ago

Darren totally outdid himself.. literally ;P

maripamgs 1941 days ago

haha poor Warbles! lol

emilyJLSpotter 1941 days ago

I love Team Starkid, and I'm really glad this happened... its amazing how big a fanbase A Very Potter Musical created! I'm so happy, I love this musical already, watched it through... twice <3

accioyana 1941 days ago

Cool! High five, guys!