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Tomorrow's Independent front page - "The Royal Wedding - Original artwork by Tracey Emin" #royalwedding

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1401 days ago

Tomorrow's Independent front page - "The Royal Wedding - Original artwork by Tracey Emin" #royalwedding


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Interleukin4 1135 days ago

I think most people here missed the point of this picture.

Eromallut 1178 days ago

What a load of poppy-cock!

ravensward 1398 days ago

Why is the face of the one to the right of the horse covered with a bag, their throat cut with a straight razor and bleeding profusely? Oh, I see - "it's art!"

TurnersTweeting 1399 days ago

I like it. And what the f*@! do you lot know anyhow?

keith2b 1400 days ago

Obviously kissing is not one of her strong points. That and drawing.

rationalisto 1400 days ago

Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless. And this kind of nonsense has made her a millionaire. God help us.

bobsylvan 1400 days ago

...should have gone to Specsavers...

ollieclark 1400 days ago

Well, I guess it's cheaper than buying a photograph to print...

Shackleford_PI 1400 days ago

She's done it again - GENIUS! Worth £5m of anyone's money

andromedia99 1400 days ago

You people are weird. Other newspapers are available. Me, I'm back to Adam & Joe.

fluxache 1400 days ago

it was quite windy ^_^

BarbaricAvatar 1400 days ago

I hope Tracey Emin is 5. Cos if she's older than that she should take up a new hobby

Steve_SSJ 1400 days ago

The Radio Times cover was better than that.

Hoopybees 1400 days ago

Well I like this. I think it's supposed to be a picture of the kiss, not the people kissing.

Davbro703 1400 days ago

A travesty.

mikemarthon 1400 days ago

I'm glad she wrote what it is supposed to be...

jonnyclock 1400 days ago

i think this is really good. a daring move for the newspaper. a great move. nice one.

MiniClammy97 1400 days ago

No surprise there, it's Tracy Emin. *sigh* When will she learn?

mypoppydog 1400 days ago

How short sighted. Should have gone to specsavers! "OFF WITH HER HEAD"

SteveManton 1400 days ago

I'm confused... if I wipe my arse on it - is it a statement about the paper, the subject or the artist?