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Was on TV... Sent a tweet.....Never seen in public again

Well @markaustinitv makes us look like pocket presenters!!

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1331 days ago

Well makes us look like pocket presenters!!


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lisawilliams78 1328 days ago

really enjoyed the ITV coverage of the Royal Wedding - you guys did an amazing job! well done!

lovingDOI 1330 days ago

LOL. yep he is a tall guy x

DattaGeeta 1330 days ago

You all done a great job, thakyou so are a fabulous team

arleahgirl 1331 days ago

It's team rule .I watched all day. You gel so well BBC never stood a chance!

ctu_24 1331 days ago

What an amazing team! Thank you all very much! X

Elycat 1331 days ago

Excellent job today, u all got it just right! Luvd it all x

Bikerbabefran02 1331 days ago

Maybe he borrowed that box!

gypsyroadhog 1331 days ago

yeh, yews all did well, loved the jovial atmosphere and Phil not givin a damn, ha

rods_007 1331 days ago

Btw i watched it on itvhd .... Well done guys, gr8 job

rods_007 1331 days ago

How tall is Mark Austin? He must be at least 7 foot

DoloresBowskill 1331 days ago

BBC got it totally wrong,the presenters were awful! Ferne Cotton for gods sake......turn off television!

cincy_cycler 1331 days ago

The girls have had a glass ot two of champers ;-) Mark is stood on a box. Enjoyed today.

DoloresBowskill 1331 days ago

ITV coverage was fantastic,tasteful,informative,full of joy and totally involvede!BBC had

dietdisaster 1331 days ago

Mark Austin was the funniest and your reaction to him Mr S was class!

Nuttynetty28 1331 days ago

Coverage on EVERY channel but I stayed with ITV all day. Bravo all. Well done. Credits to yr profession.

KrazyKizza 1331 days ago

Put the Beeb to shame with ITV coverage.

Misswilson1993 1331 days ago

he should have bent down a little!

BerylthePeryl 1331 days ago

A great team, ITV got it just right, relaxed, lighthearted , amusing & no stuffiness, well done all!

martxw 1331 days ago

Why do women stand like that? Without you gentlemen to hold them up they'd just fall over!

Mum_to_4 1331 days ago

You all scrub up rather well! ;)