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Remember: Exercise comes first (even when you're cooped up in the office!)

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2548 days ago

Remember: Exercise comes first (even when you're cooped up in the office!)


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meduarte_05 1882 days ago

thank you Cesar for your smile...Your smile make me happy...

DaviniaV 1898 days ago

Una sonrisa inspira los más profundos sentimientos de amor, alegría y felicidad. ¡Gracias Cesar por compartirla con nosotros!

BoomersMum 2071 days ago

LOL! I love it! Everyone is right about your smile. It's even contagious, lol. :)

stella_lune 2071 days ago

Your smile make me happy. Thank you! (^^)

mararrieta 2071 days ago

beautiful smile!!!

thelilsis 2436 days ago

You always look so happy!It must be all your work with the dogs! Gotta love them! They always brighten up my day!

_AndreaUrbanFoX 2451 days ago

great open, sincere smile.

heart2imagine 2548 days ago

Lol, nice pic!

Samurai_Steve 2548 days ago

What's the significance of your bracelet?

emma_83 2548 days ago

Hahaha, too funny Cesar! :-)

sunnyaz01 2548 days ago

I need one of those for my office :)

TabeaRoddick74 2548 days ago

that would be something but not enough room

BecauseUAreHere 2548 days ago

You are such a riot!

gunterosa 2548 days ago

muy chulo¡ y sano¡ deberia hacer lo mismo... saludos desde españa¡ :D

JELLiMusic 2548 days ago

CEASAR!! You're one of my favorite people =) I don't watch your show to learn about dogs so much as I watch it to learn about living a more peaceful and balanced life =)

jtl2411 2548 days ago

:) i dont know if my boss would appreciate me riding my bike in here.