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1370 days ago


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BaseballDweeb 1370 days ago

Kruk, "I would have had 4,000 hits if first base wasn't so far from home plate. What sick man decided 90 feet?"
Phanatic, " John, don't change the subject. I really need my pants back."

dunleavyjr 1370 days ago

Phanatic:"Thank goodness pinstripes are vertical"

jfeiro 1370 days ago


jfeiro 1370 days ago

Kruk: "Can I have your autograph?"
Phanatic: "Sure...what's your name?"

jfeiro 1370 days ago

Kruk: "So how is this diet supposed to work again?"

whcjnr 1370 days ago

So when did YOU give up on p90x??

jfeiro 1370 days ago

Phanatic: "Come on Kruk, you're stretching out my shirt."
Kruk: "That's what happens when you share a locker."

GordonWare 1370 days ago

You've got nothing on the Mothman!

jennfolk 1370 days ago

Phanatic "So who's your tailor?"

ZREEDER7 1370 days ago

Phanatic: "Wow, I never thought I would meet Larry the Cable Guy!"

dunleavyjr 1370 days ago

"Kruky, how mad are you that Hatfield Dollar Dog Night isn't until Tuesday

snexpress 1370 days ago

"Kruk... I'm your father." "Nooooooooo"

numerousguy 1370 days ago

i could eat more then you any day philly boy..........