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2005 days ago


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AlanisJarre 1996 days ago

The look in his eyes<3 I just died *_*

Meumi 1997 days ago


amandiinhaDiniz 2001 days ago

very beautiful
hmmmmmmmmm Taylor s2

Mary_Vergilio 2001 days ago


_sofos 2001 days ago

ooooooooooooooooooooh that´s a great picturem i love jacob, taylor lautner.

qotsuperficial 2004 days ago

He looks mysterious here xD

Kissm_TomFelton 2005 days ago

how can bella and edward be so selfish and invited jake knowing her felings about bella.
♥I run with wolves♥

Unique_Jenique 2005 days ago

I would go to support her, but would be hurt.

superdianneB 2005 days ago

Taylor Lautner is the only reason why i'm hooked to the Twilight franchise. Wouldnt even bother watching if he's not in it

nessie4life 2005 days ago

i would goto support her but i would be hurt :'(

mylifestoofast 2005 days ago

oh my god, so hot!!! can't wait for #breakingdawn

goosecooksgeese 2005 days ago

of course! being jacob i love her and want to be there for her.

Hannah_Lopes 2005 days ago

Meu Deusss! Lindo de maiss! o.O

sabrisalopes 2005 days ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaah Jake, meu lindo e perfeito Jake

dreiaayakyr2 2005 days ago

sahasuhsaasu his lip is the same color of the shirt ... (combinando minha gente) parei kkk

franmenezes 2005 days ago

OMG!!! *-* Jake!!!

TodaFanTwilight 2005 days ago

Yes I would, indeed!

CamiiM 2005 days ago

HOT! ♥

maholiveeeira 2005 days ago

OMG, How can he be so amaziing?

LaurenKbelieves 2005 days ago

oh my gosh.... dayum taylor u tryina kill me huh?? so hot