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YAAY! Thanks to @XyoXD , I now have my Beleen look in HeroSmash! Super! =D

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1220 days ago

YAAY! Thanks to , I now have my Beleen look in HeroSmash! Super! =D


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Osiriz05 1108 days ago

hey xyo i thought u were online at aqw i already told u >:(

nearoae 1219 days ago

that hair's so cool.

ShadowScarAE 1220 days ago

how do i get dat hair unless it is mod only i will track u both down and take a body part til u tell me!

veneeria 1220 days ago

Awsum :D is looking Hot.

Joe_AQW 1220 days ago

nice!!! Your one lucky person

boomer5033 1220 days ago

woah awesomely aepic guys

Enjoibro4 1220 days ago

What armor is that xyo, beleen for both of you?

AndreaKasane 1220 days ago

NICE,Beleen! That was really nice of Xyo. :3

HSsai 1220 days ago

gj xyo :3

blaze3semi 1220 days ago

i need that armor xyo got for blaze demon muahauhahahaahuahahahaha

MartinXD_Street 1220 days ago

o.O awesome and epic look

Enjoibro4 1220 days ago

Xyo, beleen.. lucky!

aqwhong10 1220 days ago

very epic

XyoArts 1220 days ago


FBarajas21 1220 days ago

Epic-ly AwEsome...Congratz..

SerLionhart 1220 days ago


Multiniuz 1220 days ago

Go be cool this beta in HeroSmash , Loves beleen and character!

Top_AE 1220 days ago

nice......ask him if he can make a weapon for you too!! :D

mody_909 1220 days ago

Coool I Like it :3

PyrusBlaze 1220 days ago