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Why the long face?

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1833 days ago

Why the long face?


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TheBitterLady 1830 days ago

Really?You have to have the grass Im laying on.

Marshmallow_JB 1830 days ago

haha ! !!

ShanHart13 1831 days ago

lol. the horse is 'snorting cat'

LeoPalacioM 1832 days ago

jajaja... ta muuuuuuuy bueno... jajaja

beebee880 1833 days ago


theizzzeee 1833 days ago

Heee Heee pooted.

FulviaChristine 1833 days ago

Just beautiful !

Cavalier1965 1833 days ago

I love this....Best medicine money can't buy. I love you Ellen!!!!!!

BridMendlerBR 1833 days ago


SophalMiracle 1833 days ago

It's better2breath in big Air, while the Horse is running, I think! Long face w/large body space!

melinae07 1833 days ago


tomakins 1833 days ago

Aaaww... a lil kitty and Sarah Jessica Parker!

Friday94 1833 days ago

Aww :3

Balzgal 1833 days ago

Horses are incredibly Angelic Creature's--Just given pure lovin'!=)

shawty303JB 1833 days ago

does he think hes a dog......?

wiccanmother30 1833 days ago

That's cute!!!

audacious_lass 1833 days ago

awww...cross animal friendship is the cutest!

cian_osullivan1 1833 days ago


nightingale801 1833 days ago

That was difficult:D but hm the cat has stomach ache & needs cat-grass but the horse is eating it?

mockthemadness 1833 days ago

Look at it just chillin', even though the horse's head is three times its size. Such bravery! :)