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Fluorescent nails!!! Sisters think alike! @KendallJenner @KylieJenner

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1431 days ago

Fluorescent nails!!! Sisters think alike!


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HAWTkris24 1366 days ago

DOPE!! :P love the colorss

byboring_brick 1379 days ago

love the colorful nailpolish.. haha!

Ashley_M_Holmes 1385 days ago

love them ! :P

nezak6 1389 days ago

i love them ;D

MariBlancoS 1414 days ago

Oh :O I Love Them :)

BrunoMarsFan_x3 1417 days ago

Beautiful nails !

deadglamour 1417 days ago


_ItsAlyssa_ 1418 days ago

Fluorescent i love

LorD_KarDAsHiaN 1420 days ago

I love that red, orange and yellow one :P

HelenSunniness 1421 days ago

Cool, I like it ;) :)
sunny and bright <3

KdashMania 1423 days ago

tomorrow I bought the nail polish ... hehehe =D

NinahGueshinah 1423 days ago

I love this Picture !

susansahawneh 1425 days ago

What is that light pink color called?

Kadrean 1427 days ago

wow you know all these hands are related because they look so similar...jaja so cute

JuliaCarter_ 1429 days ago

Waw. ;P

Ms_Geenie 1430 days ago

I hope this fluorescent/neon nailpaint trend sticks around for a while, reminds me of the 80s, Love2theK-DashSisters

MTLWOWFANS 1430 days ago

omg too cutee!! haha ;)

Bangkok_Ameriie 1430 days ago for Amerie how new song Outside Your Body U gonna love it

bigtitsnews_tit 1430 days ago

yellow nails are the best!