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Just a fisherman on Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch getting by one crab at a time.

Cooking for the lady and friends

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1952 days ago

Cooking for the lady and friends


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jswilka 1952 days ago

Im glad ur in SD. I live in Sioux Falls. Nice lookin' SD steaks, yeah!

soxfanyon13 1952 days ago

beautful rib eyes. butcher didn't cut all the fat off either. bet they were perfect

llowe005 1952 days ago

Those are some good looking steaks!! My kinda night and cooking .. tell what seasoning you use :-)

justdebwhatiam 1952 days ago

and that is for 2 i want some

ModesJr 1952 days ago

Those look so good

biglex1300 1952 days ago

Those steaks look good!!!!

brittbr18 1952 days ago

that looks hella yummy ^_^

dgoosegustav 1952 days ago

yummmmm! you know your cut of steak =) those look fantastic!! a leg of crab would go perfect with them....teheee

DTAMJLHM 1952 days ago

Looks good but I think you need more steaks were all coming over to eat lol

JrzeGirl28 1952 days ago

What? No crab? :)

roseygrammy 1952 days ago

Hey Josh.. Bedford, IN here. Room for one more? Looks great! :)

Tica937 1952 days ago

arent u sweet!

rosie355 1952 days ago

Looks yummy....enjoy

MamaAshley2009 1952 days ago

That looks so yummy

DSMAW 1952 days ago

What else are you having? Looks like it will be a good dinner.

Annies_Melody 1952 days ago

aww you're being domesticated :-D