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And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

Mooka-laka-hiki! C'mon-ya-wanna-lei-me! Pass the poi Mahalo!

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2007 days ago

Mooka-laka-hiki! C'mon-ya-wanna-lei-me! Pass the poi Mahalo!


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mizanguiano 2003 days ago

Where is the pic of you in flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt?

onTHEEverge 2005 days ago

Doesn't look like O'ahu... but that's definitely home!

Jedi_Roara 2006 days ago

jealous... very jealous

jaddsy 2007 days ago

Sounds a lot like Grease II

OliviaSilvestro 2007 days ago

it looks amazing! watch out for the others ;)

Cookiepunkie 2007 days ago

Looks very windy though. May you find your Freckles there! ;-)

audacious_lass 2007 days ago

it's so beautiful that it looks like a photo shopped picture.

The_Ring_ 2007 days ago

Looks Nice but stay Off the beach at night, you don't want to run into the smoke monster! #ChuckS5

JennyMEvans 2007 days ago

lol, Wayne's World !!!

Valentinexo 2007 days ago

WOW ! Beautiful!! Wish I was there.

DafBussacarini 2007 days ago

What a beautiful place! I thought it was in my country, Brasil! LOL ... Just kiddin'. Is it Hawaii?

kelbuddyle 2007 days ago

Maravilhoso esse lugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tem lugares no Brasil assim

skvaughan 2007 days ago

gossy16 2007 days ago

That just makes me miss #H50, but you should go on a #Lost locations pilgrimage! #wehavetogoback

maite_cassenote 2007 days ago

lindoooooooo eu queria ta ai!

LaurenJHenry 2007 days ago

I want to go to there!

SharkBait1992 2007 days ago

are you in hawaii? what island?

ddritzenhein 2007 days ago

another beautiful photo

MelissaBrend 2007 days ago

Lugar maravilhoso (beautiful) ♥

KassiFletcher 2007 days ago

é um paraíso