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brunocpaula 1855 days ago

Jake SUX... AJJ is a JOKE... go go Georgi!!!!

briar_james 1855 days ago


euzinn 1855 days ago

Easy, dude... GSP is the 2ND, NOT 1ST! Anderson is the best! Anyway, I bet on GSP.

ricaardocarneir 1855 days ago

GSP IS the best figheter in the world,no comments

FEFEPAIZAO 1857 days ago


RachelASmtih 1857 days ago

Come on Jake, we need a new hero!!!

tuesday91101 1857 days ago

Mr. White.. Hi. Please check out the new 9/11 film: 'Tuesday Morning in September' there is a website

BrunoHells 1857 days ago

Warr St Pierre because the world claim for greatest fight of history, namely, St Pierre vs Anderson Silva!!!

sweet10acgirl 1857 days ago

DAMN! That is one HOT pic!! GSP is a class act. Can't wait to see him take Jake out!

craftygilbert 1857 days ago

This staredown is dull like jakes personality! 1st guy to get the takedown wins.. On a side note WAR JAKE!!!

jrox81 1857 days ago

That whole camp gets swept this weekend never liked gsp but can't stand shields

jrox81 1857 days ago

Ppl tripping this fight ant gsp first challenge and shields a #1 wow or 2 watch some more fights gsp no Finnish just like always but shields won't stop the grind or takedown then he will be unable to win

ilytina 1857 days ago

Ah yeah! GSP vs Shields I can't wait to see them throwdown!

misschift247 1857 days ago

My my my!!!! GSP for the win!!! And baby...put a stamp on it!! Don't play with him for 5 rnds like Koschek, altho it was pretty to watch!

Bucmarinug 1857 days ago

I hope the judges don't decide it. Like GSP likes...Sick of him.....SHIELDS!!!

diogodamarta 1857 days ago


mkmkmaross83 1857 days ago

You people are crazy shields is highly underated there both grinders and I'm just glad for once a true number 1 in world fighter will fight a true number 2 rrank fighter this is a first and a must see but honestly its 50/50 but jake has little more bad as

Priestella 1857 days ago

GSP is gonna rock his world

cwick78 1857 days ago

Rikki Bobbi wins, oops I meant gsp round 2

LayBrad 1857 days ago

Strikefarce hasnt prepared him for GSP. GSP 3rd round Tko. finally he gets the stoppage