Joe Flanigan



Snuck a little single malt scotch into the IV.

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1332 days ago

Snuck a little single malt scotch into the IV.


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NorinaBlake 1294 days ago


ToneyTurtle 1309 days ago

Haha! Nice one there ;)

LiliyaBatyuk 1315 days ago

Rigidly. I hope it is not serious!

Maxwell4223 1318 days ago

Hang in there, you will be back in action before you know it.

AnsarZahraa 1328 days ago

get well soon ;)

Byllettes 1329 days ago

Bon rétablissement, Joe !!

aarongasson 1330 days ago

Did you have a run in with the Wraith?

tambeagle 1330 days ago

There you were standing magestically on top of a mountain,skis in hand. you are laying in hospital, drip in arm. MORE SCOTCH REQUIRED!!!

Gibielamarmotte 1331 days ago

feel better soon ! In french : Bon rétablissement ! :3

ChinaFlanigan 1331 days ago


galaxeegal 1331 days ago

poor'll b back 2 ur sweet sexy self in no time.Hope all goes well. oxox

Macanzie 1331 days ago

nice. but I think, german beer would be better ;)

elfgirl 1331 days ago

Scotch? I'll bring some Powers at D*C, so you can drink like a proper Irishman. ;) Hang in there.

sammitg 1332 days ago

Good luck, Joe. Save some of that scotch for after. Might need it while in therapy. Great tan.

cjblady 1332 days ago

now we know how you have been able to deal with the pain single malt scotch we should have know!!!

Kender 1332 days ago

That was sneaky of you. Get well soon.

TinaSegreto 1332 days ago

Get well soon and best wishes from Merzig, Germany

Sulien77 1332 days ago

By the way, how in blazes did you DO that to your shoulder?! *cringes again*

Sulien77 1332 days ago

Doing great if you can hold your iPhone to take that shot! Heal quickly. *sending healing, positive thoughts*

ChiekoSunflower 1332 days ago

OMG!feel better soon,Joe! XX