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I'll be there at 6:30.

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1888 days ago

I'll be there at 6:30.


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ZivileZickute 1883 days ago

Oh no! It's too late..

MarceTorres_ 1886 days ago

hahahaha!! xD and my date will be Jose Cuervo

jovanavukadin 1886 days ago


IndyanaJoana 1887 days ago

I wonder if his wife, Margarita will be there too.

shawty303JB 1887 days ago

oh holy jack daniels. where would we be without you? ;)

bilxkure 1888 days ago

I hear the Johnnie Walker family was to have made a special appearance as well

JaySharky 1888 days ago

This is the only way to bring in the masses!!

skgndependence 1888 days ago

o happy hour...i mean day!

TheBitterLady 1888 days ago

he's not my brother but I met him a few times.

mzruizz 1888 days ago

mind if I bring my friend Jose Cuervo?

FulviaChristine 1888 days ago

What an interesting name to have when you are a member of the clergy !

Balzgal 1888 days ago

I'm On My Way! WHOA! :*)

capricorn1226 1888 days ago

As long as there's time 2 Eat Pray Love, there's certainly time 2 drink & be merry...Bottoms up!!

amber19219 1888 days ago

The girl who thinks it's discriminating is not referencing the photo (I don't think); she has tried to tweet ellen to get on her show and is pissed that ellen has not responded. Clearly she needs to grow up and realize that not everybody gets to be on th

Sara1594 1888 days ago

I don't see how this is discriminating in any way. Care to explain?

tdolphin1 1888 days ago

I don't see how it's discrimination either & not like Ellen made the sign. Chill ppl!!

Aprilshowers90 1888 days ago

How is this pic discrimination ??? A brother is a term used for a member in a church!

DIDJA 1888 days ago

April 2-6. Oh wait, too late.

pingpongkimi 1888 days ago

I'm here, hiccup. Where is everyone?

SherelleKO 1888 days ago