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With my girlS... Ladies and gents I introduce to you... Harley!! 
And of course Lexi :)

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2128 days ago

With my girlS... Ladies and gents I introduce to you... Harley!!
And of course Lexi :)


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amevergreen 2123 days ago

seems cozyyyyyy!

wildcattaz 2123 days ago

i was being raised up to be president of united states but i have to forgive hawaiins no way

wildcattaz 2123 days ago

Bush was trying to set me up with his daughter but the hawaiins fecked us both,crazyest story ever

wildcattaz 2123 days ago

I was told by goege bush i could have any 1 woman in the world, youre on my top 10 list

wildcattaz 2123 days ago

the most beautful woman in the world even without makeup, makes me want to have your kids

joymc49 2124 days ago

This is 1 of the most beautiful pictures of you!! not too much make-up and just relaxed. Love it

bikedad2000 2127 days ago

What's amazing is that Harley and Lexi are actually the 2nd and 3rd cutest things in this pic. :)

MeisterShake 2127 days ago

This is where the expression "Lucky Dog" came from.

Alejandr_vill 2127 days ago

Que Lindos!! (:

DianeBrando 2127 days ago

Aww, you're a good mommy to them!

marybethpyron 2127 days ago

your babies are toooooo cute.dancing with the stars isn't the same without you and Derek.hope you BOTH come back on

Cavaholic 2127 days ago


flamingomoon 2127 days ago

How cute! Now Lexi will have companion while you work.

MelissaWollrabe 2128 days ago

awww Harley kinda looks like my Dog minus the Chihuahua Ears.

_MaryF 2128 days ago


panthro1033 2128 days ago

It's cute that she let's you crawl into her shirt with her. :-p

Stephwvu25 2128 days ago

Super cute! I miss you on DWTS and your bro!

hwalker84 2128 days ago

So cute! Your so beautiful!

KimberlyDittus 2128 days ago

Adorable pups!!! Cute shorts btw.

bwhitmire89 2128 days ago

adorable girls!