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What sight for sore eyes!

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1888 days ago

What sight for sore eyes!


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iluvmattdavis 1888 days ago

never been to LA but i wanna visit now

JeanneT987 1888 days ago

that picture is worth more than a thousand words

Julie_Rus1 1888 days ago

oh... its amazing!

Narcyssus_ 1888 days ago

It's beautiful!

silvianrod 1888 days ago

You lucky son of a gun, you.... ;)

MorganeElise 1888 days ago

Love it !!! Enjoy !!!

NadinP85 1888 days ago

wow, it's so beautiful!! Self-note - visit LA :))

Angelized_1st 1888 days ago

Glad you arrived safely. Go lay on the beach. The weather is awesome today!

MiriamLizO 1888 days ago

love the view!! hope i get to go there this summer =) love going there every year

Jaiyla_ 1888 days ago

beautiful :)

isa_bitch 1888 days ago

arggggh! what a beautiful day.

DawnHounshell 1888 days ago

so this is what a day without rain looks jealous...

SweetLuv 1888 days ago

I got engaged on that building. The tallest one! US BANK! =)

MargauxDanielle 1888 days ago

Makes ME miss it too! Bummer im gonna have to come down soon! I just love it here in santa cruz too much to move there.

amy_TVD 1888 days ago

that is truly beautiful :) incredible! x

KatGrahamFanz 1888 days ago

Umm, are you refering to the buildings or the fact that there are living trees around?

luh_PopCorn 1888 days ago

i live right there -n

BlahBlahhSheep 1888 days ago


bcmaddox 1888 days ago

Beautiful!! I have to make it out there one day!

VaIe_Arg 1888 days ago

it is indeed a beautifull view..but honey...u stopped to take that pic right???? dont want to act like yr mom here :-)