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I guess I’ll worry about things in the past.

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1241 days ago

I guess I’ll worry about things in the past.


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Sryshtee 1237 days ago

Haha totally! who needs insurance when you have smiley faces and lucky numbers!

funkymelons 1238 days ago

well dats reassuring.. i may never b able 2 bcome a fashion designer?

AliceSandborg 1239 days ago


AliceSandborg 1239 days ago

never say never

JaySharky 1239 days ago

So...does that mean the bill "may never happen?" Or should I worry that I didn't bring money?

Chocoholic_10 1240 days ago

True. :)

Friday94 1240 days ago

Lol that's true acctually...

ChristineHesla 1240 days ago

true thing

joycethomas 1241 days ago

that's so true!

TheBitterLady 1241 days ago

Well,I was'nt worried till now.

krissyashraf 1241 days ago

Why is it that although both numbers seven and eleven contain the word "even" they are both odd?

capricorn1226 1241 days ago

my only concern @ this present time is that the Canucks win against the Blackhawks: Go Canucks Go!!!

PinksUnique 1241 days ago

Thats a good 1.

Teeorme 1241 days ago

Yeah, you are right! I think that I will worry about things happening right now, ignore things in the past and future (things might never happen, really?)

StephaLouHoo 1241 days ago

i got the EXACT same fortune !

WiseCookies 1241 days ago

Ellen, we'd never give you such a silly fortune! Here's a replacement: Wherever you go,
no matter what the weather, you always bring your own sunshine.

Canadianlady70 1241 days ago

i agree! never ever say never =)

madiblom 1241 days ago

never say never!

gulhanberkman 1241 days ago

Hımmm :-P

IkaiZixie 1241 days ago

Oh yeah, and the smiley faces make it all better, don't they? xD