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Isle of Man - got lucky with a clear day pass  ;)

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2128 days ago

Isle of Man - got lucky with a clear day pass ;)


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malew51 2126 days ago

To orientate you, the north of the island (Ramsey Bay) is at the bottom of the picture. The detail on fullsize is amazing.

Manxastro 2127 days ago

Great image Nicole, it was worth the wait, I can now show that one alongside the night one from STS128

PC0101 2127 days ago

Taken from the usual ISS altitude of 350 km (220 miles).

Boltonjon 2127 days ago

After a weekend cycling there, it STILL looks hilly!! Top photo!!

Kickalien 2128 days ago

Excellent! ... beautiful island!

modelkitweb 2128 days ago

Great picture, what altitude is that take from ?

edzbird 2128 days ago

It's as beautiful from space as it is down here. Great image xx

LisaKopke 2128 days ago

Great to see Port St Mary has loads of sunshine!

SophalMiracle 2128 days ago

Look at the clouds R floating like white foams! Image #FromSpace of a Peaceful deep blue sea! #fb

Qayed 2128 days ago

which location it is showing ??