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It begins.

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2092 days ago

It begins.


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sylviajun 1810 days ago


_BoredOrBoard_ 1932 days ago

TARDIS blue! I knew it, Sherlock is The Doctor... i mean i cant wait for it to start back up :D

MiharuKat 2000 days ago

What is this awesomeness? the color! It's TARDIS blue! *Warm fuzzy feeling ^__^

Haylez116 2071 days ago

Ahhh :D funny stuff this considering my gcse english creative writing has to be 800 words based on a door :Dx and this is the first picture I see :Dx aha !x

xX_xKayx_Xx 2080 days ago

Im sitting on the edge of my chair staring at this! Hurry please I cant wait any longer for the next series!

inkjade 2085 days ago

~*medium-sized squeegasm*~

ClocksInMyPlace 2087 days ago

I can't wait! As Sherlock is, I'm bored! Third episode aired in Denmark yesterday.

moonamelie 2091 days ago

is it real baker st 221 Door? I'm really looking forward to it!

ZombiLexi 2091 days ago

Are you hinting at a 2nd season? ...But everything was concluded so well in season 1! *twitches*

AnoukvdSluys 2091 days ago

Hurray! Reminds me of the TARDIS, for some reason.

pquaky 2091 days ago

Hey! I´m member of the German Sherlock Holmes Forum and there is also a Sherlock Holmes Magazine available for everybody. Is there any chance to get in contact with Steven Moffat. We would like to make an interview for our magazine ... and maybe there is

SkeptiMel 2091 days ago

My heart just jumped into my THROAT! I'm so excited! I'm just a mom with little kids! Thanks for working so hard for us.

mavarin 2091 days ago

I thought for a moment that was River's OTHER diary.

sarah_jeannie 2092 days ago

It worries me that when I saw this picture I squeaked...literally. Sherlock, CAN'T WAIT

Bex52296 2092 days ago

OMG SHERLOCK WAS SO GOOD!!!! cant wait for it to return!!!

amoinzaghi 2092 days ago

See, that's the whole meaning of life: Sherlock + Tardis blue!

ghosthunter718 2092 days ago

Finally!! I can't wait for the show to be back!! the best door ever!!

cumberbitch1 2092 days ago

Did i mention i was excited?! no?! well ok-- I'M VERY BLOODY EXCITED!!!!!!! can i marry it? lol!

cumberbitch1 2092 days ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does various states of fangirl delight* wooop! :) xxx

doodle_muse 2092 days ago

I... I just want to hug it. Is that wrong?