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1430 days ago



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mynameisbelieve 1428 days ago

Who's the boss? LOL! ²

DianeBrando 1429 days ago

Who's the boss? LOL!

TheBitterLady 1429 days ago

Their really trying my patience.

Frankie_98 1430 days ago

AHAHAH :) aww so cute, It reminds me of The Lion King 3 :D

DamenRoy 1430 days ago

Goes to show that Pussy Rules the Dawg!

Vancoma 1430 days ago

Occupation, that is :D

alisson_lucca 1430 days ago

So cute *-*

trulysouthern50 1430 days ago

Reminds me of my dwarf sheltie during thunderstorms. She is either on my bed or under it!!

Sweetbamj 1430 days ago

gotta love the big puppy in the small bed

DanielRediger 1430 days ago

Owned! Here are some other adorable dogs! BeGenerous! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8lS5ylb56M

80hope 1430 days ago

awww how Cute hahah!

EvaTenCate 1430 days ago

This reminds me of The Lion King 3 ;)

Hilary_Laine 1430 days ago

Haha - love this! :-D

yafolkgp 1430 days ago

lol- dats funny- looks like the same scene in this video ===> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLzRCq2Ci-M

MadelineFan 1430 days ago

it was originally for me.

heyy_itsnikkaaa 1430 days ago


monicsqua 1430 days ago

that is totally what my cats do to my aussie! lol

MSLOVESJDB 1430 days ago

haha hilarious!

Samora15 1430 days ago

aww how cute

Friday94 1430 days ago

Lol cute