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Flamenco into the wee hours. #fb

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2610 days ago

Flamenco into the wee hours. #fb


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__porracarolina 1545 days ago

did you get that picture perfect my love.

Caren_R 1830 days ago

I loveeeee! So much!

jessicabrockes 2389 days ago

you are so pretty! i count the days for see you!

veronickahudson 2389 days ago

i truly love you!

mlaufunes 2390 days ago

cuute ♥

RoyalPOPatrick 2502 days ago

I love nightrain 93 last concert solo , don't cry it's fucking good !! i'm from brazil , follow me slash . I know all gnr solos!

gypssy09 2502 days ago

very handsome !!

Stratocasta 2510 days ago

omg hot acousstic man. for my schools talent contest I entered it with the song patience ;D. from your fave fan. ROCK ON!

tanjaslash 2521 days ago

cutie :)

tanjaslash 2521 days ago

cutie :)

raphaholl 2555 days ago

Must be kickin fuckin asses. You play FUCKIN well, man ! I'm the biggest fan of yours here in Brazil

rayanewtf 2556 days ago

slash what I have to do for you accept me? Duff says pro cristina I love him, if you say when you come to Brazil and has much better in manaus your fan Beijinhos....

PunkPrincess975 2559 days ago

U ROCKK!!! my guitar looks like urs :D:D

xizorvader 2562 days ago

2nd BEST guitarist sitting RIGHT here. (nxt to Jimi Hendrix though) :D

guitarhero101 2564 days ago

O what I wouldn't have given to have been there.

veronickahudson 2564 days ago


HudaNajjar 2564 days ago

i love you...ur so hott!!!!

kayleenb 2565 days ago

Ahhhh your a man after my flamenco heart!

penawormer 2566 days ago

I didn't know that that's actually how a recording studio looks from the inside. Wow, it's just you and your instrument in there.

fullbirdmusic 2567 days ago

another great pic! no PICKS on those things, brother! no PICKS! lol