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What, that’s illegal?

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1915 days ago

What, that’s illegal?


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CarolineGraceS 1907 days ago

Oh, the car in the back? No, he didn't get pulled over for THAT. Nahhh. He didn't have his seat belt on Dumbie!

IreneBradley 1909 days ago

PS - the guy who did this said he "simply drove the car onto the back of the truck". How, I don't know..

IreneBradley 1909 days ago

I'm ashamed to say this happened right on the highway in the town where I live, in New York. Sigh.

JaySharky 1913 days ago

It wasn't the car in the back of the pickup, it was the roller skates the truck was on.

MiriamLizO 1913 days ago


Peppdurr 1914 days ago

two domestics make not an import. ;)

DianeBrando 1914 days ago

Is that called car style???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

TheBitterLady 1914 days ago

We were in a hurry.didnt want to leave the scene of an accident.This is what happened.

ilovejovi 1914 days ago

thats a redneck's gas can. Nothing illegal about that. Lol

d00deiloveyew 1914 days ago

Hahahahha pmg....i swear these days you see all kinds of things!

loveorientalcat 1915 days ago


Eddiebedz1 1915 days ago

You might be a redneck!lol

xMadStylex 1915 days ago


LoveBiebBeadles 1915 days ago

Bahahahaha I can so see my friends doing that

wax_idiotic 1915 days ago

I'm sure the nearby woodland creatures are shocked and appalled!!

luv2ryd1966 1915 days ago

LMAO how the hell did they get that like that?

joiful29 1915 days ago

I dont even see how they did that.

brettsexypants 1915 days ago

The cars are trying to make a little VW, GET SOME ;D

Alexaonly 1915 days ago

Lol.redneck repo (MD_2389) I from the south,and the only state I can think that this would happen in is Alabama

SayoteFugly11 1915 days ago

yup that was illegal that was car porn.