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Our Easter surprise in the Casa Dumetz vineyard this morning!

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1556 days ago

Our Easter surprise in the Casa Dumetz vineyard this morning!


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Drunkabilly1977 1502 days ago

Wow, its so tiny. Is it a hummingbird nest?

ddsnorth 1521 days ago

this is a beautiful capture!!

earthskymoonsta 1529 days ago

so pertty

NaylaKodiak 1530 days ago

Awww eggies!

pudgenpah 1549 days ago

aweee beautiful new life and the world keeps on turning.... for now.

riverarita 1553 days ago


CinfulHDchick 1555 days ago


Rowenaapril 1555 days ago


Danielle__Mead 1555 days ago

Looks like a Humming bird nest ... very cool !

ShawnaLea14 1556 days ago

So nice! What a great thing to wake up to!!

KnittinPearl 1556 days ago

Those are beautiful ! BTW, I loved 'Bobby'. Happy Easter !!!

gr8escap 1556 days ago

just the perfect spring find!

tracytweety 1556 days ago

Wonderful ingenuity! Thanks for sharing!

ttsousa 1556 days ago

That's awesome! Are those blue bird eggs are just tint.

btwnsurfnmtn 1556 days ago

THIS is what Easter is all about !!! Thanks for sharing.

Evuszka 1556 days ago

oh nice

molliep1965 1556 days ago

Mmmm; these look like the chocolate Cadbury eggs with the candy shell; (not the gross ones with "yolk.")

RichardTeal 1556 days ago

And it looks like you climbed high to take this pic. I love climbing trees. Great fun!

RichardTeal 1556 days ago

Thats a big ass BIRD!!

Kat_Hosey 1556 days ago

wow, how lovely :-)