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Drive cars at weekends, huge sports fan and loves the outdoors.

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This stuff should be banned,I've nailed most of it...

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1187 days ago

This stuff should be banned,I've nailed most of it...


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SuckSqezBangBlo 1181 days ago

Ha! My missus got given 5 or so of these for her BD. They didn't last long. I helped of course.

cryalonek 1185 days ago

I've been nailing that stuff last a couple of days , too!

OzSport_77_fit 1186 days ago

Lucky it's only once a year eh!! Good choice too, love that brand!!

ozylatindelight 1186 days ago

good on u, u deserve that and more! i din't eat any chockies, just lots of naughty drinks. u r a legend, n u rock da hause!!!!!

dcvilla 1186 days ago

looks delicious - mega drive in China, by the way, may be the drive of the year. Munch one for us U.S. fans.

julesturton 1186 days ago

Green and blacks - the mutts nuts of chocolate. Unfortunately it's milk.

mattsyko 1186 days ago

like the TV remote. Nice touch.

AussieGrit_Fan 1186 days ago

Should be banned eh?Well,in that case next time I won't bother to bring anymore chocolat then :-P

SteveSpeedF1 1186 days ago

Is this from the Austrian fan? Does it make you horny?? !!

_HabibaH_ 1186 days ago

right, hand it over now please :)

jmbush 1186 days ago

Mark you utter legend. F1 wouldn't be the same without you.

agniecha1611 1186 days ago

nice to know you've nailed it ... as most of the people would do :)

carolateX 1187 days ago

BUTTERSCOTCH!!!! nom nom nom... Butterscotch is the best. If you don't like it,donate... :P

fluffystones 1187 days ago

the best way to dispose of this wicked substance is to eat it i'm afraid , no other way, nom nom !!

mssnaughty 1187 days ago

Im more than happy to get rid of it for you

ckoalatte 1187 days ago

héhé, il n'y a plus qu'à le manger !!! Gourmand ;-)

gm1003 1187 days ago

Mmmmm, at least you recieved an Easter Egg...think the Easter Bunny got lost on the way to my house!!!!!

tdcheck912 1187 days ago

Is that the one meant to make you horny?

HeathVThomas 1187 days ago

Thats the hard stuff.....

random_c 1187 days ago

Yes, this stuff is dangerous and must be disposed of as quickly as possible. The best method is eating