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@sportsguy33 Yes! We! Can! Bill Simmons for Timberwolves GM campaign poster:

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1973 days ago

Yes! We! Can! Bill Simmons for Timberwolves GM campaign poster:


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brianaustin31 1972 days ago

For the love of god hire simmons. Twolves are irrelvent now, 4th sport in town. Watch out for soccer and lacrosse.

unkelbuck 1972 days ago

I'm backing you before your official endorsement from Dork Elvis, which I expect soon.

Carpboy823 1973 days ago

Taylor would be a fool NOT to hire Simmons, even if it's just for a one-year publicity stunt.

tjarvis71 1973 days ago

I don't follow/watch any games but I'd be riveted by the Guy being a GM. Fail or not, go for it Minny.

CodyJStone 1973 days ago

I like the Lakers but would consider buying an official Minny GM jersey if this happens. Or at least a print t-shirt

JamesJones_55 1973 days ago

Yes we will!

TheColumns 1973 days ago

The Columns is officially sponsoring Bill Simmons campaign for Wolves GM... Put an end to the irrelevancy! Hire Simmons!

AndyTheBeerman 1973 days ago

I already moved to Canada, Minny can't be much worse...right?

JordanHarris 1973 days ago

I will move to Minnesota if Bill gets the job! Yes We Can!

cstewtweets 1973 days ago

Dear Glen Taylor, Help me not hate this team, hire Bill.
Sincerely, Everyone.

brelltarich 1973 days ago

as will I

todolosfrijoles 1973 days ago

I will buy Timberwolves Merchandise if Simmons is hired