As one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time, Megadeth is hailed as one of the bands responsible for creating and popularizing the genre.

Plaque ceremony - Big Four Double Platinum DVD

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1280 days ago

Plaque ceremony - Big Four Double Platinum DVD


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HabitodoMonge 1276 days ago


cole666 1278 days ago

thats waaaaaaayyyyy too much metal (- lars of course), the camera most likely shattered immidiatly after the pic was taken!

pinedadeleon 1278 days ago

Nice photo!

MrChrisKincaid 1279 days ago

Horns up!

Luivcarr88 1279 days ago

There must be a Big Four gig in South America!!!

__Greice 1279 days ago


AzgardKenobi 1279 days ago

Vengan a México coñooooo...

AzgardKenobi 1279 days ago

Excelent !!!

jf33marques 1280 days ago


RC_Nobes 1280 days ago

Rob wears light colors. A true individual.

Gotoise 1280 days ago

aayyyy si ,.,., bola de putos

Simonell 1280 days ago

U R amazing

bunicorn 1280 days ago

To me they are all awesome I think the last set should be a bit of solo from each musician

PsychoMetal4you 1280 days ago

Definitely Some Good Musicians Here, But we all Know who the 2 best shredders Are. . .

Dave Mustaine and Chris B.

Some might not agree but its true

And its shit if you ask me, Megadeth Should atleast go On After Slayer
I Would Prefer If Megadeth End

LoriJeanO 1280 days ago

Wishing u guys come to Canada...I`m there! wouldn`t miss this!!!!!!!

liz0lizard 1280 days ago

w00t w00t! :D

DJTB1 1280 days ago

\mm/ Too Much Metal For One Hand

kryssyskingdom 1280 days ago

That is The Metal the Thick and Thick of it... Kudos it was well earned and more than well deserved..

metalfaninblack 1280 days ago

gods of metal

mymyheyheyy 1280 days ago

already bought mine! kisses from brazil ~~