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My latest work.  Hint...not Richard or Sal. I have the subject's approval to tweet.

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1987 days ago

My latest work. Hint...not Richard or Sal. I have the subject's approval to tweet.


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tweetKenDecker 1513 days ago

Wow, that's a really well done photo, tingly.

outrage9999 1763 days ago

that is so sexy and classy nice work ya lucky jew bastard

asianlover22178 1817 days ago

Nice! Do I see her nips?!

mahalojo 1900 days ago

Lose the foam and ya got my attention. Kidding. Skin so smooth I could cry!

sugarbearpooka 1913 days ago

This isn't an insult, but when you glance at tis it looms like a hot dog...

chazzmon 1914 days ago

You've got a great subject there,that same pic with Bababooey might not be so enticing.

AmazingBethO 1947 days ago

Takes a lot of bubbles to wash that skeevy old jew off of me.

Pauliebaggs 1949 days ago

In the words of the ever famous Borat......I LIKE!!

ericpropper 1949 days ago

I have to admit you are a brilliant photographer and have an exquisite model

dismayhiphop 1950 days ago

i bet thats like a million dollar bath tub as well..

richardromm 1951 days ago

Nice topless

hwdstnfan 1951 days ago

lfjsdkagja dslgjkasl;lgfj

paparock55 1951 days ago

OH MY...

Thomas_Adams1 1951 days ago

Hey Now! Okay! Now we're talking photography. And she's "T.O.P.L.E.S.S. Topless!!" Gd. Wrk Howard!

kgfloyd 1952 days ago

It pays to be King!

szawisl1 1954 days ago

good placement of bubbles...too good ....

pantera999666 1956 days ago

WOW .........who knew "ethel blumpkin" was so sexy........

satflyer1 1956 days ago

What a drumstick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WheatiesKing 1959 days ago

I swear you're my hero....

TalkCriterion 1960 days ago

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