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Uh oh, my stomach hurts...

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1752 days ago

Uh oh, my stomach hurts...


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GodsDontExist 1751 days ago

I'm so glad they put the donuts label on so I know what they are

heavenonwheels 1751 days ago

No wonder. But I bet it was worth it.

_ivy_fairy_ 1752 days ago

Are you serious? lol that was me last week!! I felt so guilty!!! oh boii

GeneLand 1752 days ago

Well i can kinda see why, but it does look a bit like donuts and me. i always find soft ones.

mamma2608 1752 days ago

yikes may i suggesttimbits much smaller and doughnutty goodness

MooGooMouse 1752 days ago

Now that's MY kind of breakfast!

StacyFamily1 1752 days ago

Oh Please This Is Not To Much To Eat Girl . But I'll Love U Donuts Crawn So Much :].

hollywoodnc1 1752 days ago

Me kiss it, make it all better ;) lol

Paris_the_dino 1752 days ago


DesertFan 1752 days ago

Me not surprised little tummy hurts! Better break habit. Gets worse as you get older. Cut down.

orangejuliusOJ 1752 days ago

This is worse than Tom's midnight eating!

ami_fall 1752 days ago

ewwwwww :/

DaveCombs72 1752 days ago

Damn those donuts!You're a trooper though Kathy!Been there,done that i'm sure!lol

rastafrog 1752 days ago

a D-List diet all the way!

kissthebride01 1752 days ago

Artery clogging Sugar Rush!!!

BDDishere 1752 days ago

Lmao... You're such a cheap date..

playanother1 1752 days ago

Where r the fkkn sprinkles?

VitalinaB 1752 days ago

Poor KATHY :-}

zombiepigs 1752 days ago

No pain no gain miss kathy

Colourless_Tom 1752 days ago

would love to have a piece of that