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Do @ArkhamAsylumDoc and @Amy_geek's Rebel and Sith tattoos cancel out? #StarWars

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1756 days ago

Do and 's Rebel and Sith tattoos cancel out? #StarWars


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SpaceMan626 1747 days ago

Corvette? What Corvette?

helo735 1748 days ago

How bad is it that I noticed the Corvette in the background first? LOL Pretty ladies though.

johnmknight 1750 days ago

too cool.

markeoff 1755 days ago

There can be only one...CHICKFIGHT!!!!!

muratsalman 1755 days ago


itech04 1755 days ago


Buttertrtaholic 1755 days ago

Why yes, I am a scruffy looking Nerf herder.

zenvar 1755 days ago

You are so lucky. What a lovely pair of ladies!

emctsprime 1755 days ago

The emctsprime was here.

sprunka 1755 days ago

Hmm, Empire tatt is bigger... but Rebel Chick is hotter.. it's a tie ... fighter!

SemirTeflon 1755 days ago

cute ;)

bonniegrrl 1756 days ago

My kind of double trouble! #GeekGirlsRock

Itai2112 1756 days ago

I sense a disturbance in the Force...

nilkemorya 1756 days ago

I hate to say this, but that's an Imperial Tattoo, the Sith emblem is more of a circle with some sideways stylistic mountains on I'm a huge nerd.

xamen7 1756 days ago

Unfortunately, I'll have to side with the Sith on this one... Larger and more awesome!

bubble_hearth 1756 days ago

Let's build a robot and find out.

BobaBeck 1756 days ago

No they don' is matter what. Like this