Chris Daughtry


Husband, Father, Singer/ Songwriter, Comic-Book Enthusiast...and Whatnot

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2190 days ago


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alika72 1974 days ago

oooohhh =( did u guys hog the beds??? poor Steely!! ya'll aint right!

The_Evil_Bitch 2022 days ago

hhahaha that cant be comfortable and whats up with the girlie belt

micheleangelia 2187 days ago

AWWW hope he had a good dream! :P He looks so peaceful! I'm sure it's been tiring already and the touring hasn't even started yet!

grn_eyed_GATOR 2189 days ago

Awww... My man of Steel had to rest. He's such a sweetheart! Love that Man!

sumrgal8 2189 days ago

This is seems so innocent and I think it's so cute!!

pinkmartinipink 2189 days ago

aww sleeping steely!!

jfer12 2189 days ago

Awww, That's MY Tweeping Beauty!!!!!

JudyC_inOhio 2189 days ago

Nice pic!!! Better rest up, like someone said, bigger and better!!! cannot wait!! Luvin Daughtry in Ohio!!

takip77 2189 days ago

awww.... grab anap where u can Steely!! This go-around is gonna be even BIGGER than the last one!!

kfdberry 2189 days ago

resting up for tonight? Can't wait!

grneyegrl007 2190 days ago

the road sure is rough!

flips4kids 2190 days ago really worked him hard!!

ImAud 2190 days ago

SO CUTE!!!!!

jodiracanati 2190 days ago

AW!you boys be good let him rest!

jennilee0783 2190 days ago

Aw! Quit bein so stingy and get the boy a blanket! =)

cheryl3660 2190 days ago

Now that's tired! LOL!

rockincanegirl 2190 days ago


JaqueCallison 2190 days ago

That is a "stick his hand in warm water" moment if I've ever seen one! Hee hee hee :D

DiLuvsMrD 2190 days ago

Across 2 seats...ouch! He must be tired! lol

Chef_Chrissy79 2190 days ago

awww, nap time already?? :)