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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

New Russian Queen installed in hive. This is how they come.

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1895 days ago

New Russian Queen installed in hive. This is how they come.


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MayorSara 1894 days ago

Should she be referred to as a Czarina Bee?

CA_Young 1895 days ago

I like my authors like I like my coffee. #coveredinbees

GuToDH 1895 days ago


Ziggystarduster 1895 days ago

I could never find the the hive that is, not in the envelope.

HorrorFighter 1895 days ago

When I ordered mine, they came second class. It wasn't pretty.

Marciegee 1895 days ago

With a white dog included? Awesome!

Berlybeth 1895 days ago

Did you name her "Catherine the

JitteryPlanet 1895 days ago

Cuz she is First class all the way BABY!

Turboshark999 1895 days ago


Turboshark999 1895 days ago

There is something inherently hilarious about this picture.

Passeriform 1895 days ago

I hope the postman asked "What's the buzz?" #beesongoodfriday

MeiLinMiranda 1895 days ago

They come on DOGBACK? That is AWESOME! ;)

Lindenfoxcub 1895 days ago

they don't get squished, they'll be in a little screened box inside, with a few attendants

pennyfitzgerald 1895 days ago

The mail is amazing!

mochachick8 1895 days ago

And they don't get squished?