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I’m glad there’s no age limit on this ride.

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1377 days ago

I’m glad there’s no age limit on this ride.


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Marshmallow_JB 1368 days ago

hahahahahahahahah xD :p

LivingTeen_Life 1370 days ago


StefieMamoto 1371 days ago

hahahaaaa... omg.. love this..!

sydney_bieber13 1371 days ago

.......is that a hobo?

Tmarieterrell 1372 days ago

Lady Gaga...you can come out of your vessel now!

blood_nroses 1372 days ago

Sometimes you need a quiet getaway to do your homework.

JairohCS 1372 days ago


LyssaDawnK 1372 days ago

ohmygod bahahaha sweet

Electric_Agent 1372 days ago

I don't even.....

marvuns 1372 days ago

OMT! Do any of you can explain exactly what is it? What a bizarre scene!

d00deiloveyew 1372 days ago

LMAOOOO you crack me up ellen, i can laugh all day. WTF seriously?

shawty303JB 1373 days ago

what the.............?

joiful29 1373 days ago


EvaTenCate 1373 days ago

Is she stuck?

Aster_Rose89 1373 days ago

did she mistake it for her car...``why the hell wont my key go in!, and my trunk wont open!``

savethedrama6 1373 days ago


CynthiaSuzanne 1373 days ago

reminds me of the time my sisnlaw and i went on a winnie pooh ride at walmart when i was 18

AndreaUetz 1373 days ago

me and my mom are laughing hysterically

sashthesunshine 1374 days ago

Gotta be kidding me! Hilarious!

elinor_lngnmn 1374 days ago

woooh! she looks good inside and enjoying!