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Omg so excited about this little guy!

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1756 days ago

Omg so excited about this little guy!


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gargirl 1755 days ago

Another wannahav. Only two buttons on/off, shoot/don't shoot, makes sense to me

Tikifan1 1755 days ago

Crap now I have that song stuck in my head. YOuuull never know that youuure my HEEroooo. Thanks IJ.

Drummingtechboy 1755 days ago

it's a GoPro video camera and the numbers are text spelling USB!

ZaynMaliksFan 1755 days ago

I love you xx

ijustinefanboy 1756 days ago

is it a camera
if it is what are those numbers in thecorner?

DJSam909 1756 days ago

Please tell me you're going to use it for other things and not just the egg hunt. It'd be a waste :(

Deathbyillusion 1756 days ago

Every1 this is a Gopro HD Hero & can shot video in 1080p/take 5mp pics it has a case that it goes in.

rakrotnibor 1756 days ago

Of course! The US6-displaying tiny-black-hole box with the two buttons! It all makes sense!

Gracyx33 1756 days ago

HELMET CAM. This egg hunt is going to be a beast.

_Robert_M 1756 days ago

is that the hd hero thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!

RainbirdLP 1756 days ago

What is that?

ITSW1LL1AM 1756 days ago


MooseMizanKamal 1756 days ago

he's a freaking HERO

memeej9 1756 days ago

What's that?

claarebaare 1756 days ago


Omer_Hoffman 1756 days ago

What is it?

Mhmarge 1756 days ago

lol =P

namanina123 1756 days ago

What does it do?

Miles_swain 1756 days ago

Yeah ME TOO!