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My favorite hunks, @IAmJericho & @MarioLopezExtra caused a lot of hoopla. A twister hoopla. Don’t miss Monday!

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2057 days ago

My favorite hunks, & caused a lot of hoopla. A twister hoopla. Don’t miss Monday!


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Ola_Markowska 2052 days ago

hahahaha, I was acctually suprised Mario was able to stand on one leg for such a long time!!!!! :)

shawty303JB 2053 days ago

ha ha! i remember that! super funny show ellen. you rock

MrsObella2U 2054 days ago

That was super funny!

elinor_lngnmn 2054 days ago

very fun!

Teeorme 2054 days ago

Its NO use getting someone else to put the ringer inside for your head.

katykuba 2056 days ago

ellen u are supeeer :)

TheBitterLady 2056 days ago

Those rings are really beating them up.They killed a few. Dont understand why Ellens smiling.lol

rmrediger 2057 days ago

Looks like a blast! I wanna join! Ellen BeGenerous Week 16

jericho4life 2057 days ago

Can't wait to see it Chris .

JaySharky 2057 days ago

Looks like a party broke out. got screwed, is making out!!

PINKSADDICTION 2057 days ago

gonna be epic on monday and im gonna watch

Gweniegrl 2057 days ago

lol i cant wait for monday

BookHookah 2057 days ago

}} Round and Round {{ Wheeeeeee

Cydehney 2057 days ago

I dont get to watch live :(( at the other room today.. *tears*

leel89 2057 days ago

Go Go! Go Jericho Go! Go Jericho Go! Lol

_Wiccan_Girl_ 2057 days ago

I am so watching this on monday just for Woot for Jericho

dehlia666 2057 days ago

That looks hilarious! I just set my pvr to record it!

9vickey 2057 days ago

Its fancy friday

capricorn1226 2057 days ago

one of life's finest moments is being surrounded by those who make you smile

Hano_Lopez 2057 days ago

you are so fuuny..I love you so much