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And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

You'd rather kiss a Wookie? I can arrange that.

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1924 days ago

You'd rather kiss a Wookie? I can arrange that.


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Den_Dog 1880 days ago

This is just too cute for words!

Vivikyz 1884 days ago

chubaka? hahahahaahahaha lindo

RobertBobbs 1887 days ago

THis is awesome!

therealmota 1906 days ago

"Chewie! Chewie! Is that you?" - Han Solo

rachyzimm 1912 days ago

AAAWWWWW!!! that is too cute! :D

laura_polly 1912 days ago

muito fofinho, assim como a eu tb achei muito parecido com um mico :D

raphaelasantos 1913 days ago

Uh... almost forgot... =D HA AMAZING!!! he looks so wise and focused... ¬¬

raphaelasantos 1913 days ago

hello I love to find homecountries on twitter!!! Brazil loves you dude... come visit!

gabicapelas 1914 days ago

que coisa fofa, parece um mico rs

AzitaGhanizada 1919 days ago

Whoa, that is the cutest thing I've seen today.

basakkarasu 1922 days ago

it's so cute but can't be more cute than you ♥

belacara16 1922 days ago

Oh Hmmmm its not so bad looking.. Poor thing...

unitedfan28 1922 days ago

Eeeeeww gross its a wookie dog lol but thank God for comedy

Kynzzie 1923 days ago

I want this dog soooooo bad!

daBUSSYMAN1001 1923 days ago

I'd rather kiss an Aussie but iight

mustelidmama 1923 days ago

What a sweet little face. He is certainly paying attention to something!

cheryblossomgrl 1923 days ago

That is so adorable

lifeincartoon 1923 days ago

THAT'S SO CUTE *--* could be good for my dog, miley

Stang1527 1923 days ago

Is that really how this dog looks naturally? What kind is it because I want one NOW!

rageMonkey_cX 1923 days ago

haha, that is too awesome!