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Uh oh.

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1591 days ago

Uh oh.


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Una_11 1567 days ago


Goodbyepast_ 1585 days ago

Whahahah. ;D x

rachelannebryan 1586 days ago

hahaha =D

shawty303JB 1586 days ago

hmmm... oh, i read it.whoops. oh! really? the cops just busted in. [sigh...]

NiallsSmiles 1586 days ago

too bad..already red it..in ur face... ^.^

ARammybunny 1587 days ago

Read it #likeaboss

PDXooo 1589 days ago

Loll!!! Too Late... =P

Jodister_foote 1590 days ago

what happens if i do

iKrayzee 1590 days ago

im a badass coz i read it >_>

scxrl3t 1590 days ago

Im SO sorry!! I didn't mean to!

genilsonisrael 1590 days ago


RoselleCastro 1590 days ago


FulviaChristine 1590 days ago

Absolute laugh , two contradictory statements in one !

MiriamLizO 1590 days ago


Janey_Nicholls 1590 days ago

i am so confusedddd

neecey41 1590 days ago

I'm sorry, what does it say? Haha I didnt want to get into trouble. someone else want to tell me?

SarahBelieber15 1590 days ago


kiMmarkVodka 1590 days ago

oHh mY gOd!. hahaha!! ,, i didnT mEan tO rEad iT .! :p

ThatFunnyMoment 1590 days ago

LoooL..this is so funny...it's like saying "Private Sign Do Not Read"...

js_farrell 1590 days ago

Oh, my! I just did... But, I didn't mean to, promise!