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Tweet us ur best caption 4 this photo & include "#survivorlivetweet @jeffprobst" 4 a chance 2 win a buff!

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1865 days ago

Tweet us ur best caption 4 this photo & include "#survivorlivetweet " 4 a chance 2 win a buff!


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twitwitty 1858 days ago

Steve had to agree that Philip's manbag finished off the outfit very nicely indeed. "#survivorlivetweet "

ChristoherMabry 1858 days ago

I am going to put the cia hurt on you

setters4me 1865 days ago

You're kidding, right?

ddeslauriers 1865 days ago

#survivorlivetweet Little wishful thinking on the size of that buff?

4kranch 1865 days ago

Steve is looking at the special agent's "shart"!

Calamity_Grace 1865 days ago

#survivorlivetweet For the first time, Steve notices Phillip's tramp stamp saying "Property of the FBI"

anderBanter 1865 days ago

#survivorlivetweet hmmmm his bag doesn't match his shoes

barbarasmith442 1865 days ago

Steve: I will have nightmares about this for years to come.. Philip "Beware my enemies" #survivorlivetweet

MyRaceBling 1865 days ago

#survivorlivetweet Special Agent, Yankee Doodle Phillip gives a Survivor fashionshow

marymac102 1865 days ago

Holey underweat Batman!! Guess he's not going to make the BEST DRESSED list THIS year!

KAYJAY72 1865 days ago

#survivorlivetweet OH MY GOD BECKY LOOK AT HIS BUTT.

Jess17496 1865 days ago

"#survivorlivetweet "so what do you guys think of my outfit?"

davidsonofjack 1865 days ago

when, and even when the ninja is sizing up his prey, sometimes, the enemies spies will circle behind and act as if they're sizing me up...this is what weak, unhealthy people do. I, on the other hand, will continue my dominance in this game, and keep my pi

dkh15juno 1865 days ago

PrincessKryssi 1865 days ago

#survivorlivetweet "Too bad the buff doesn't go all the way around"

MakosTacos 1865 days ago

Do these pink "tighty whities" make my butt look big? #survivorlivetweet

tak15217 1865 days ago

Philip is ready for the runway at the Survivor Fashion Show. #survivorlivetweet

kdaviskllm 1865 days ago

Thank God for the buff!

marlenenelson 1865 days ago

Philip will now model his new line of underwear and head wear !

ryancary81 1865 days ago

only phillip.......