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"Home Depot of Pain"...jrog Well, somebody has got to do it #TwitPict

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1922 days ago

"Home Depot of Pain"...jrog Well, somebody has got to do it #TwitPict


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Superglrl 1920 days ago

White Leverage Drinkers? ;)

yaspgirl16 1921 days ago

What did you do to get your hand like that?

ccryder1010 1921 days ago

It's all fun and games til somebody gets hurt

Sulien77 1921 days ago

Owww... I hope that's moulage and not real. *cringes*

Mexicana05 1921 days ago

And drink a nice icey cold beer to make it all better!

Mexicana05 1921 days ago

OOOHHH CCOOLL Blood! I love a guy that doesn't mind roughing it sometimes. I'd just put a bandaid on it and kiss the booboo!

KeyKaterin 1921 days ago

Oh.. hell...Looks not vary serious, but rather painful...((
Be careful, please!!!

Sylvia80TT 1921 days ago

I hope it is really just makeup... Otherwise I come to heal your hand ;)

tylerntaylor 1922 days ago

I hope that is just makeup......I'll be right over to kiss it and make it better.

luminous_mortal 1922 days ago

I see your evil hand has been at it again... ;)

samismyhorse 1922 days ago

Git 'er done! (but wow, ouch!)

vixen757 1922 days ago

Ouch! Thats gonna leave a mark!

MissMariposa86 1922 days ago

Is that real blood?

zarelmar 1922 days ago

OW! Hopin' dear guy, that its only fake blood!

rozenmae 1922 days ago

Oh hunny, not the fingers! You must protect them! Think playin' guitar. Still hot though! ;)

pattiloveskane 1922 days ago

Can I kiss it and make it better?:)

lldoyle 1922 days ago

Thought it was suppose to be "smoke & mirrors"! Poor baby!

Moniera1 1922 days ago

What happened?!

Arxuszilla 1922 days ago


vi_sierrabrazil 1922 days ago