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I don’t know what’s crazier… this haircut, or how much she loves it.

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1865 days ago

I don’t know what’s crazier… this haircut, or how much she loves it.


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_Zlati_ 1860 days ago

ellen, this girl looks like you

ShanCross 1863 days ago

i think she's adorable ;))

ExoticBeat 1863 days ago

I like it (:

MadelineFan 1864 days ago

Just trimming.

lukesotherlaura 1864 days ago

She looks like Joe Dirts little sister.

TheBitterLady 1864 days ago

Its like a hairy firework.

Adriana_Parades 1864 days ago

hahahaha I think she's proud.....

GamzeGunindi 1864 days ago

hehehe :) so cool <3

JaySharky 1865 days ago

I thought it was just a bad dream...but no, it was just an 80s haircut.

RuthiBieber 1865 days ago

i know who gave her the haircut!!! i think my lil brother,

Nikalodeon 1865 days ago

This is definitely an awesome day I'll never forget! Thanks for posting my mullet!!!!

FulviaChristine 1865 days ago

It's not that bad- she look s cute !

Kiwi_Gal_xoxo 1865 days ago

I bet she practiced this pose in the mirror over and over before she went to have the photo taken he-he...

_caju 1865 days ago

She looks like Cindy Lauper when she was a child.

WesleyLupenga 1865 days ago

lol this is billy ray's tween sister hehehe!!!!!!!!

girlhawaii 1865 days ago

This is my lil sister! Hahaha! She's 24 now! What was my mom thinking?? :)

JDLaidlaw 1865 days ago

ahahah just found out this is my friend's sister here in Vancouver, Canada!

heather_kerber 1865 days ago

really...i think the shirt is the silent killer in this one...haha..;.

Iamduckie 1865 days ago

I think it is kind of cute. Thanks for all the funnies you tweet. Can't get enough laughter.

mswaichingliu81 1865 days ago

she's a great kid, but one thing i disliked about the 80s were the mullets. they were & are bad.