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Geeks > Athletes. Sorry, but math don't lie. Kthxbye!

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1246 days ago

Geeks > Athletes. Sorry, but math don't lie. Kthxbye!


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Kevsters 1224 days ago

That's why I always get my nerd on homies!!!

qtebiantidotodo 1225 days ago

O_o wooow!

PDXooo 1242 days ago

LMFAOL!!! Awesome - I like the build-up - I had No Idea Bill was gonna make such an entrance... o.O

thelyingspirit 1244 days ago

it's me, Dual and Mephistopheles and his dog.
Da Rockwilder by method & redman

thelyingspirit 1244 days ago

So long nobody could see it! Cool huh?

thelyingspirit 1244 days ago

And u ask, how long was God's wang when he impregnanted Mary?

thelyingspirit 1244 days ago

The math of men dies and turns to dust, while God's math equals to 897800 orgasms per second :)

thelyingspirit 1244 days ago

Really. Then you watch me put my stichomythia in those of this world & worlds to come.

graciegoopin 1245 days ago

true story!

skatemd 1245 days ago

yes! 16 years of medical training pays off!! oh wait - that was in the 1970s and 80s. Never mind

stvz78 1245 days ago

Your Simply The Best :)

TIPpla 1245 days ago

Oooooooooooh SNAP! Burn bitches!!!

FansPerspective 1246 days ago

so no more using sports as an excuse not to do homework?

yafolkgp 1246 days ago

Michael Jordan was just speaking on this in that video I seen on youtube >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw7IIx8vwmc

MattReia 1246 days ago

Hmmm, both comical and depressing at the same time

Scarfo 1246 days ago

and to think...all these years, I've been a nerd for free.

dante007x 1246 days ago

glad to see u haven't changed,olivia ;-)

m_salig 1246 days ago

How much money do you need?

RaptorHawk 1246 days ago

Fucking Awesome!!!

PatrickFong 1246 days ago