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1965 days ago


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JustMeJilly 1868 days ago

o.o holy $#@! i love both of you but...xD still an awesome movie ^^

JustMeJilly 1898 days ago

LMFAO now that is awesome

WildChild42O 1924 days ago

Looks like that Trekkie is excited!.. lol.. you on the other hand, you don't look that excited.. of course, star wars nerd! =D

FinAeros 1952 days ago

Dude. Nice "rabid wombat" face there.

insou2you 1956 days ago

wowie - you DO indeed look AWESOMELY insane :) Pretty much how I felt after seeing Star Trek; and the polar opposite of how I felt after seeing Wolverine. Whod've thunk it?

DivineMiscreant 1958 days ago

Saw it twice and the way they incorporated pieces of the orginal series was awesome. I especially liked the unknown location of a certain Admirals that was priceless..

lisagibbons 1958 days ago

That's pretty much the same face I made after I saw the film.

Zathlass 1959 days ago

I must see this film.

lakutreker 1959 days ago

I have seen it twice as well and I'm thinking of going yet again. I was thrilled to see Trek back in a big way! And I totally get that face. =>

error42crash 1959 days ago

Saw it twice over the weekend... after the tears of joy those were my overall reactions as well.

intkhiladi 1959 days ago

The picture speaks for herself XD Let you mine minutes before the movie

tenaciousbt 1960 days ago

I just saw it today. It is great. Some hard core fans will have some issues, but this movie will push Star Trek into the next generation. Pardon the pun.

foxkf7 1961 days ago

i must see it too! i watch star trek all my life.

bryankaplan 1961 days ago

you mean theres trek out der' dat beeeeg (big)?

poryorick 1962 days ago

I think about 70% of the attendees to our showing felt the same way inside. But they spared the children the horror of that externalization.

8675309jennee 1962 days ago

It was HELLA AWESOME and Mr. Chris Pine is F-ing hot! Carry on

greatmatt 1963 days ago

I saw the new Trek last night. HOLY OMFG WAS IT AMAZING!

gspeezy 1963 days ago


sillyboots 1963 days ago

I can't wait to see this!!!!

Breakdaddy 1963 days ago

This was my morning ROFL. TYVM