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If you see any Awesome Album Covers, I wanna see ‘em! Until then, I’ll be playing some tunes for my petunias.

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1864 days ago

If you see any Awesome Album Covers, I wanna see ‘em! Until then, I’ll be playing some tunes for my petunias.


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TheBitterLady 1862 days ago

I know what kind of plants he's been growing and thats not them

JaySharky 1864 days ago

And if that doesn't work, try WATER!!

Witchsteve 1864 days ago

Tori Amos music really helps my plants and flowers grow. But when I sing death metal to my rose bushes, they grow massive. If you want your roses to bloom and be beautiful sing Marilyn Manson songs....Alice Cooper works too

Witchsteve 1864 days ago


dontbother 1864 days ago

you win. i quit the internet

Chayowl 1864 days ago

Mr Blackpool UK and his mighty organ..http://www.cos-sales.org.uk/USERIMAGES/WTMW.JPG

LauraAustralia1 1864 days ago

Oh my lord..will this relax the plants too?

AndreaNardello 1864 days ago

This Album Cover turns into a paper airplane. Really Awesome! http://youtu.be/m68NygREGfg

darcysmarie 1864 days ago

My plants have been happy and well with this music for some 40 years http://www.starz.bz/caroleking/product.cfm?category=126&subcategory=763&product=2671

kishamaurer 1864 days ago

I guess I know now what my house plants have been lacking :) this is too funny,

avonsexbomb 1864 days ago

mine too lol !!

RuthiBieber 1864 days ago

my plants grow on Bieber music!!!

BookHookah 1864 days ago

}}} Justa sangin {{{

iamonbattery 1864 days ago

Ellen is always funny ;))

brittanycornies 1864 days ago

Cover of an up and coming band in Toronto, Ontario. Proceeds of album sales feed the homeless in Toronto.The band is "Us and Others", the first album is "Patchwork," for the numerous people involved in the process. Available on Itunes. http://www.facebook

DanielRediger 1864 days ago

No covers :( But here is some sweet music with a video! Ellen BeGenerous! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQu-BmPw2f8

randomistloz 1864 days ago