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I guess I can’t compete with that.

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2132 days ago

I guess I can’t compete with that.


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Goodbyepast_ 2126 days ago

Ahah, great. ;d

TheBitterLady 2130 days ago

Look at the cover.She's just trying to change her life.

Jodister_foote 2130 days ago

she more interested in oprah then you there something wrong there ellen

NadGomesRestart 2130 days ago

she likes Oprah . oakspoask

ChellmyBelle 2130 days ago

LOL so funny..

jbieberrfanssss 2131 days ago

lmaoo , awwh . she's reading a magazine instead of watching !

angiekitcher 2131 days ago

this was just the funniest and most adorable tweet! thank you Ellen xoxo

shanenaval 2131 days ago

haha! so cute :)

GabyMenendez_D 2131 days ago

She likes Oprah! hahaha... Oprah over Ellen! Are you crazy!?

PEIPIG 2131 days ago

Maybe it was just because her mom said "Books are better than TV". HaHa..

EheMJCD95 2132 days ago

hahahaha!!!! she's interested with Oprah

JaySharky 2132 days ago

Reach through the TV and tap her on the shoulder! THAT will get her attention...

AccioWatson 2132 days ago

LOL Oprah over Ellen...this kid has a good taste:D

Teeorme 2132 days ago

O my, Ellen is in that oprah magazine !!! :)

capricorn1226 2132 days ago

her eyes maybe focused on the magazine, it's who she can hear on the tv show that's got her attention

BeaGuinto 2132 days ago

HAHAHA ,, cute!

RR_Orcales 2132 days ago


_caju 2132 days ago


kassiopeja88 2132 days ago

Little girl is listening to you talking about Oprah on the TV and reading Oprah talking about you in the magazine at the same time! )) Ellen, you rock!

DuchessofBruce 2132 days ago

That's not fair, Oprah has a dog on the cover & you don't have one. Vote's with you.