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I know we’ve shared a lot with each other, but I feel like you still won’t let me in.

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1922 days ago

I know we’ve shared a lot with each other, but I feel like you still won’t let me in.


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TheBitterLady 1919 days ago

Would someone pleeease unwrap my doggie treat.

MaiaWidovsky 1920 days ago

oh, so cute <3

JaySharky 1921 days ago

I may be trapped in this ball, but you're staring because you're jealous! :P

Janey_Nicholls 1921 days ago

Wow, that is so adorable! i am such a dog person... i hate cats.

alisson_lucca 1921 days ago

That most beautiful thing. - Loved it!

MysteriousM6 1921 days ago

Funny stuff

xxashleykrusexx 1921 days ago

"probably caz youll eat me" lol,messing his eyes really are the gate way to his heart aww so cute

MiriamLizO 1921 days ago


Moren9 1922 days ago


Ijeomaoffor 1922 days ago

My world is mine, go build your own world.

tattsbydave 1922 days ago

I know what happened to "bubble boy" on Seinfeld but I promise it wont happen to you.

laffoften 1922 days ago

Alternate Captions:
#1 - Is it my breath? Cuz it's really not my fault.
#2 - You have to come out of there at some point....
#3 - Was it something I said?

_christyna_ 1922 days ago

omg! this is so cute =)

tigerlilli58 1922 days ago

Animals do the darndest things!!! He's waiting for his bubble to pop!!

prinsesajuanita 1922 days ago

so darn cute!!! =)

debbggns 1922 days ago

We have 2 dogs and a cat, and a Grandcat!! Yeah...my daughter moved back in!!

debbggns 1922 days ago

This is soooo wrong.....poor puppy!!! I feel like this should be in my house!!

Blazinglam28 1922 days ago

Omgosh....too fudgin cute!!!!

MadelineFan 1922 days ago

Let me in.

twiry 1922 days ago

♫ awwww. its adorable ♫