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I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t love a rabbit that’s bigger than they are.

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1196 days ago

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t love a rabbit that’s bigger than they are.


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TheBitterLady 1189 days ago

I hate to say it,but maybe its time for this bunny to retire.He cant even give hugs anymore.

ShY_Caamille 1190 days ago


Enter_Laughing 1193 days ago

Mr. Darko we need donnie to look over here.......

MaiaWidovsky 1194 days ago


JaySharky 1194 days ago

Its NOT the giant bunny, its those glasses. How do they stay on?? SCARY!!

FannyMiiranda 1195 days ago

I had that same reaction when I was 3 years old with Santa Claus..

heathergebo 1195 days ago

the girl kinda looks like a young Saiorse Ronan

Haz3l4rmAnaheim 1195 days ago


kishamaurer 1195 days ago

That is funny - my own children have had the same reaction to santa claus

DuchessofBruce 1195 days ago

Something about that 'rabbit'. Girl trying to play cool as boy flips out. She's actually next to it

MiriamLizO 1195 days ago

omg he is so scared!!

iamonbattery 1195 days ago

rabbit's got harry potter's glasses and kid just want it. logical (;

Jane1618 1195 days ago

Haha~Baby,you need to calm down!

Moren9 1195 days ago

He is totaly right!

BajanLillie 1195 days ago

LOL! That kid's expression looks like cousin Eustace from Narnia the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

canadian7777 1195 days ago

so cute

Kseniya_ASD 1196 days ago

rabbits and bunnies are the best!

Divacomplete 1196 days ago

I would cry if I had to sit next to that!

MadelineFan 1196 days ago

Hello Kitty

Teeorme 1196 days ago

Poor child, its okay!!! This rabbit dun eat the children, they eat vege. :P