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Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

twitpic of d week!!! me n martha stewart

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1956 days ago

twitpic of d week!!! me n martha stewart


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nasjul 1762 days ago

That's right lml but they both are but Martha stole lots of money and lied.Snoop didn't lie or steal.

LuvLee143 1954 days ago

Classic!! <3 u Snoop!!

nvrau 1954 days ago


DaGreenLite 1955 days ago

I knw which one it is 

rareacclise 1955 days ago


MrCeo25 1955 days ago

Snoop show her how we cook, no cook just taste thats of it goes

OraclePerfect 1955 days ago

Haha snowgangsta?pulli?over.

Jubeline0108 1956 days ago

so true

buttrpecan32 1956 days ago

which bowl has the weed in it?

docmachado 1956 days ago

and 2 pac said `That man have style`.....

moneyhungry1 1956 days ago

Two gangster in the kitchen....Wat yall cooking crack*?* Don't let charlie sheen Kno!!!!!

curtisdollar 1956 days ago

weed brownies...i can smell it here

JereeAnderson 1956 days ago


Christineparis1 1956 days ago

Space cakes ! Snoop ! lol !

tstarka 1956 days ago

Wow! ScoopDogg! LOL!!

LongHorns_02 1956 days ago

Mmm...Do I smell Brownies? Lol

MyWay_82 1956 days ago

How cute!!! :)

annachaner 1956 days ago

Interesting, that would be Martha. LOL!!

absin7he 1956 days ago

my eyes seeing this my brain can not :D

Queen_of420 1956 days ago

LMAO I love get that bitch high so she can relax a little.