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I'll have the salad.

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1836 days ago

I'll have the salad.


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TheBitterLady 1832 days ago

Wanna test a guys devotion?Tell him you eat here.

denitoazhar 1833 days ago

omg...chinese are good at giving names for restaurants

aoe2124 1834 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAA that is hilarious !!! but soooo true..

JaySharky 1834 days ago

Can I get the skinny version??

Haz3l4rmAnaheim 1835 days ago

Soon Fatt : I'll get the salad too!!!

pretasorter 1835 days ago

You'll soon be fatt!

MadelineFan 1835 days ago


capricorn1226 1835 days ago

Chinese New Year's Resolution: Eat Healthy

Teeorme 1835 days ago

Its been closed on this day. Please come in another day. :)

Teeorme 1835 days ago

You guys had no idea what it named that way? soon fatt = bring in more customers, plenty of more good luck in business. *unlucky thing to say: bringing in fire.*

FulviaChristine 1836 days ago

An unfortunate name for the restaurant, I think that I'd choose the salad too!

lisamorgan26 1836 days ago

MY local chinese hehehe

phnixhamsta 1836 days ago

I don't even know why it sounds like that T_T BUT LOL!

AdoptedBird 1836 days ago

and Still Hungry....lol

monseromerog 1836 days ago

lmaoooo!!!! XD

Shellerz28 1836 days ago

that is the funniest thing I have seen today!! hahaha :D

JCITH 1836 days ago

That's Dublin for ya

MichaelTyler93 1836 days ago

haha, too correct 7 funny!

Bkoechlin 1836 days ago

me too :)

DanielRediger 1836 days ago

Haha don't Be Fatt, BeGenerous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQu-BmPw2f8 !