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Who you are today should be your number one opponent tomorrow.

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For those of you wondering where Stephanie has been lately...

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1247 days ago

For those of you wondering where Stephanie has been lately...


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pvienna 771 days ago

A latecomer here. Anyways, your attitude over this is a big letdown for old fans. No clarity. No more a role model, simply a mainstream guy who can't take responsibility for what he shared to the world. Will not peek into your vids or business anymore.

Jake_Neuhaus 1136 days ago

Please be nice to Cory. Can't you see he is having a ruff time? Be nice guys. Seriously :)

BMCizzle1974 1158 days ago

Deal with the consequences of the choice you made to broadcast your life (including your proposal/wedding/honeymoon) on the internet, like an adult. Stop bitching about other peoples questions about your life. You are the one who wanted all this attention

LoveStrayed 1163 days ago

Steph got a fulltime job, and couldn't help Cory film/edit his videos, so he hired Kate.
Make sense?

dwtnehj 1183 days ago

I agree with Maybe just say what's not happening?

AsheBailey 1215 days ago

You want fame? This is a consequence; people become interested in your personal life. Act like an adult and give a statement that will ease your fans who think of you more of a person rather than a character playing a role. Welcome to public opinion o

Boudas96 1227 days ago

I wonder, will this help? I Know she doesnt want to be on YT, but try to show her in one second once per week. :D

XonX68II 1240 days ago

I was gonna suggest also leaving this as a comment on a youtube video so that concerened YT viewers would be able to see it too. Then I looked again a bit more closely. Oh....

charchatter 1246 days ago

Cory you deserve to have a personal life and we should all feel lucky to be a small part of it.

kitty5327 1246 days ago

yeah,people asking the same thing over a million times can be annoying, every1 needs time alone...

MDRProductionz 1246 days ago

wish ya both the best in whatever the situation that you are going through.

MDRProductionz 1246 days ago

wow man. I mean everybody just noticed the big change, but you do have yourself out on the web...

nevertoolate90 1246 days ago

It's irritating people keep harassing you. They don't seem to get it!

ArmsOfMorpheus 1246 days ago

Actually he Can have it both ways and just stop making videos. So how about rather than bother him and Kate with questions and speculation, ya just watch and enjoy some videos

azurasmallpaws 1247 days ago

No your not I figured she got a full time job as well, and I don't think they split up. Sure I'll mark them as spam keep the fun comming :)

cameraman1468 1247 days ago

Hi Dude.
I was wondering but never asked.
Hope you're ok.
You're both great people and I hope it all works out for the best and you're both happy what ever happens.

And as for people like clareandcharlie and tewmas get a fucking life, it's personal, not

TheChloeBubble 1247 days ago

Woo Goo cory! I make youtube vids aswell and it slid be so annoying and people should respect that you want to keep certain things to yourself! Hope your ok. :)

caitlinjleahy 1247 days ago

hope everything is ok!

clareandcharlie 1247 days ago

You can't have it both ways!! Your wedding was live on the internet for fuck's sake...

Amaltheaa 1247 days ago

I hope everything works out. I will also mark comments about Steph as spam.